Monday, 10 November 2014

Who Doesn't Eat Tiramisu In Italy

I've only been to Italy once in my life, but have not had the chance to enjoy a true Italian tiramisu nor an authentic non-Starbucks cup of coffee there (I didn't care about food as much then, but more on the architecture, landscape etc.  Now is when regret kicks in).  I'll ensure it doesn't happen the many next times I visit Italia.  

For now, I have to share the Vancouver-made tiramisu (by true Italians of course) that surprised me.  It is at a family-owned restaurant called the Italian Touch.

What do I like about this tiramisu?
Numero 1.  Appearance already won my heart.
Numero 2. Heavy layer of cocoa powder at top, but not wet nor moist from the cake.
Numero 3. The alcohol content is heavy enough.  
Numero 4. The owner asked about allergies and preferences before he added alcohol.
Numero 5. A buttery cream content that I've never tasted in another tiramisu before.  (That key to my taste buds!)
Numero 6. Not too moist nor sweet overall.

I'm still thinking about the taste now...

Italian Touch's decor is very homey.  Most of their clients' ages range from 25 and up and there are many who come back again and again for their food.

There are three kinds of desserts in total (plus ice cream), but the cheesecake didn't sound too different from other restaurants so I ordered the tiramisu and chocolate mousse only.  These home-made desserts are all made by the Mrs. of the restaurant.

Do you see the liquid at the bottom of the mousse?  It should be rum from what I've tasted.  Their chocolate mousse is indeed of dark chocolate.  The mousse itself, you can tell, is not mixed with too many other ingredients such as cream, so it has a natural solid look.  Together with the alcohol, it was just a *spark* in the mouth.  (I could do without the whipped cream - that's just because I never liked it with anything and everything.) 

And lastly, a cup of latte with a touch of love.  I didn't drink this, so no comment.  Just thought it looked very pretty.

It was before the restaurant's opening hour, but the owner still let us in for desserts.  I had a burning question about the Merlot and Barolo red wines, so he took the time to explain to us where these wines are originated from, their approximate price range and how to identify fake bottles.  Before I left, the owner asked us what we would like to try next time.  My friend said the rack of lamb and I asked for veal that melts in my mouth.  If you ever do pass by White Rock's water front, do drop by this little Italian restaurant.  It'll be worth your while, no matter the food or the little conversations with the owner.


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  2. I'm italian :)
    I swear that the Tiramisù is amazing. The next time you could/must eat Tiramisù.
    I love your blog, it's so pretty. I'll follow you :)

    1. Thank you for following!
      Next time, I won't miss out on the tiramisu for sure. I was already too amazed by the pastas, pizzas and gelato. :)