Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Golden Furball ♥

When I first stepped into my friend's place and saw Ginger, she was this small, round and golden fur ball curled up sleeping with her chin dipped in her water bowl (awwww).

At the end of July, my friend brought home her Golden Retriever puppy.  I saw her the next day and she wasn't feeling well.  A little homesick and a little afraid, she wasn't eating nor drinking much. 

(Taken by my friend on Ginger's first night home)

90% of the time I was there, Ginger just continued sleeping with half her chin in the water bowl.  That 10% was when she suddenly stood up, ran from the kitchen to the living room and started sniffing for the spot.  That was when my friend quickly picked her up and brought her to her pee pad.

 About two weeks after, she already turned into an active little girl.
↓  Chilling with her arms and legs all spread out.

In around mid-August, she got used to home and was getting some training from her owner.
↓  Looking like she just woke up and was annoyed by the sun.

↓  Just sitting there, smiling on her own for no reason.
  (Apparently, her owner also hired her two bodyguards :P)

 ↓  Awwww.  Those puppy eyes!

Licking her favourite organic peanut butter from inside the toy

↓  It was empty already, but she just kept going at it.  It's good to train to be frugal and not waste food at a young age.

We managed to give her another photoshoot this November.  She is all grown up, a big girl now.
↓  My friend's mom decided to wrap a pink scarf on her.  I guess to make the photo more vibrant.  She did look lovely.  Wouldn't you agree?

 ↓  Trying to sniff my camera with her wet nose.

↓  When I had no food for her but wanted her to pose...
↓  Developed very good self-control now.  You can probably tell how much struggle she went through internally with her eyes squeezed together.

 ↓  "When...?  When can I eat?"

 ↓ "More food please?"

↓  She knows how to use her cute face to get food.  Pretty much works on everyone except her owner.

 I will sure miss this little girl when I'm in London. 
(Taken on her second day home.  Excuse my poor quality photo here.)

(Taken in early August / Taken in mid-August)

For the past half a year, watching her grow up was miraculous.  I've never been so close to a dog (or any animal) as to watch him/her grow, so it's specially memorable.  After seeing and holding Ginger in my arms for the first time, I really understood what is meant by "you, the owner, are their everything."  I can think of no better person than my friend to become that "everything" in Ginger's life.  

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