Tuesday, 4 November 2014

For The Nights I Can't Remember

I know...I'm so lame, but it's a dedication to Hedley (a rockband based in BC, Canada and I love them)!

 Ever since one of my recent visits to London (in 2012), I have been in search for somewhere to see a gorgeous 360 degree night view of the city.  What has come close is this good view from the 38th floor of the Heron Tower near Liverpool Station.  (The elevator lights change colours!)

These two are actually locals and they are still amazed enough by the view to keep snapping away with their iPhones!  You can guess how amazing this was.  London isn't like Vancouver.  There are no mountains nearby and the taller buildings are mostly new developments.  This makes enjoying a good night view rather difficult.

My best friend brought me to Madison for a drink near St. Paul's after her work.  I purposely dressed in my working clothes (even though I had no work) to match with all those suited gents and and ladies at the rooftop terrace lounge.  It is definitely a great date place (girls date included)!
Regent Street is one of my favourite streets of all times.  Even at night the lights from the stores, from the street lights were shining brightly.  This is one of the most vibrant parts of the city I love so dearly and I cannot wait till Christmas with all the decorations and music!

(These three photos above are taken with my old camera, so they may be slightly less clear.)
Oh please let me discover more as I'm a girl from the skyscrapers in Hong Kong and the mountains in Vancouver!

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