Saturday, 8 November 2014

I Take With Me...Memories

Before the departure, I figured it was probably worth while to hunt down the most beautiful places in my hometown.  Just because I am leaving, doesn't mean I'll love Vancouver less.  I want to tell everyone I meet:

"Look!  I'm from this beautiful place!" 
(With my nose high up in the air.)

How about let's start with the BEST places to view a Vancouver sunset?

(Taken in Richmond, BC)
My absolutely favourite photos of all times.  That evening I was just heading home but drove by this area and saw all these colours!  I was in awe!  Never could I have imagined such a special view in this part of our city.  You're now looking at one of my proudest work!

This shot was a difficult one in a moving car.  Pretty much the only way to take a good shot in the middle of the bridge at this time of day.  It's mostly traffic heavy going on the bridge, weekdays or weekends.  Once you are on the bridge, it's what you see on here: doesn't look like I've waited 30 minutes just to get on it.

(Taken on the Granville Bridge)

(Taken near Wreck Beach)
This was during the summer when I went on a boat trip with friends.  I went on board with a scarf and this Zara sweater.  For quite a few days it was raining, but luckily, not on the day of the trip.  It was my first boat trip in Vancouver.

Heading home from a day spent on the waters.  The sky turned a beautiful shade of pink, just before night falls.

Until next time...

In the summer, there were news that Vancouverites can view the Northern Lights!  One of the suggested locations was the Iona Beach Park, but no one saw least when I drove there and waited, nothing showed up.  Nevertheless, it's still a beautiful beautiful location to view sunrise and sunset.

You can see there's a pathway out to the open waters.  I didn't have time to walk out and return before it got dark, but I could imagine how amazing the view is. 

We are known as "Raincouver" but we have a lot more to offer than rain.  Some Britons seem to be quite knowledgeable about us actually.  From the people I've spoken with there, I learned that they know about Whistler, the food, the hikes, the waters, our summers and our friendly people.  (Our driving and parking skills have not become international rumours yet, thankfully.)   This makes me a joyful and proud Vancouverite.


  1. I so need to come back when it's not raining - it looks amazing!!!

    1. Yes you do! Come back in July/August. No snow, but plenty of sunshine :)