Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Count Down

London, an exciting city filled with opportunities I could never have imagined.  

  (The Shard, obviously.)
I made my decision to relocate about half a year ago.  As the departure time gets closer, I am becoming more and more nervous but excited at the same time.  It's as if there are butterflies in my stomach constantly!

Why the decision?  Basically, it's now or never.  I have friends who have gotten married and friends who are already parents.  I am not too young or too old to get married and have kids, but at this point in life, I am baggage-free!  So, watch me as I waltz out of Vancouver in about a month's time to start a brand new chapter of my life in one of the financial hubs of the world!  

(This was taken in Cambridge by the way.  Just thought the chill-ness fits well with the attitude of my first blog.)

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