Saturday, 15 November 2014

Before Flying Too Far, I Want You And You

The other day we headed to Trattoria at Park Royal for birthday lunch celebrations.
Compared to the Trattoria on 4th, this one is much much better!

Gnocchi for $16.95
(Tomato cream sauce, vodka, roasted garlic, italian sausage)

 Trattoria at Park Royal is brand new, opened in summer of this year.  The decor is modern and stylish  They have a patio upstairs as well as outside seating on ground floor.

I would say they are your money's worth at the Park Royal location.  I prefer this location because for me, the food is less oily and the restaurant has a better atmosphere.

Their Spaghetti & Signature Meatballs was delicious for $17.95.  A little spicy, a little big and a little very tasty!  The spaghetti was very chewy.

This Dessert Platter made my afternoon for $14.95.  It looked so fancy!  I really liked the middle three Italian doughnuts and the butter cream pastry (the one with the blackberry on top).

Not the most appealing photo of the Italian doughnut dissected, but it certainly tastes much better than how it looks in this photo.

I also recommend Penne Arrabiata for $15.95 (Pancetta, garlic, tomatoes, burrata, peperancino).  The burrata is just amazing with the whole dish a little spicy. 

I tried to make their Burrata & Melon (for $8.95; proscuitto di parma, watermelon, herb crostini) at home per below photo because I loved it so much.  Nom!


 Baru Latino Restorante...this one TRULY surprised me! 
I haven't been THIS content about desserts for a very long time.  First thing's first, let's start from the beginning.
I was mesmerized by this beautiful light, wishing I had one at home.

Had the chance to get some Pinot Grigio in place for the mussels.  It also complimented well with our later desserts.  The after taste was fabulous, like beautiful fireworks going off in your mouth.

Mussels for $17
(Local MUSSELS with your choice of Spanish chorizo and chipotle broth or banana pepper
tomato cream sauce)

These mussels were incredible.  The closest I could describe in words was that they were large enough to absorb the sauce.  They were NOT overcooked like at some restaurants.  I haven't had mussels so good since Nice, France in 2012.

Tuna Caribe for $16
(Chile rubbed ALBACORE TUNA on mango, ginger and lime mojo and local greens)
Rather good with the mango sauce, but it didn't wow me.

Cartagena Crusted Halibut for $26
(Plantain crusted HALIBUT with grilled asparagus and roasted tomatoes, served on yam and cassava sticks and finished with a tamarind glaze, topped with crispy yam hay)

The texture of the halibut was soft and tender, not overcooked.  The sauce itself, again, didn't wow me.

Steak Chimichurri for $26
(7 oz. Argentinean FLAT IRON STEAK, with chimichurri sauce, served with jalapeno potato
pave, roasted beets and topped with a smoky corn salsa)
 I feel like this one is either a hit or miss, depending on your personal preference.  For me, it was a miss EXCEPT the jalapeno potato pave - that was very delicious!
I am so excited moving onto desserts!
The Peninsula of Baru is a coastal area of Colombia with beautiful beaches.

Latin Flan for $7
(Orange blossom latin flan with caramel)
At first, I thought it was just some regular pudding.  Once I took my first bite, my mind couldn't react for a split second.  What was that I just tasted?  It tasted like heaven!  It was so flavourful, so complete, so eggy.  This just became the #1 of its kind in my life.

 Morocho for $8
This was a soft heart cake.  On the left was vanilla ice cream (the only change I would make is to make this a vanilla bean ice cream) and the right was some kind of berry sauce.  The cake came out hot and remained hot.  It was small, but tasted so very omg good.  Sorry Joeys, this just bumped your molten lava cake to #2 in my heart.  I would call this, by far, the best chocolate soft heart cake I've had in Vancouver.

I'll miss Vancouver's good food very much, so in the next weeks, you'll be seeing a lot of food updates.  If you're a foodie, you're reading the right blog because I am a picky one.

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