Sunday, 23 November 2014

On The First Day Of Christmas...Market

For some unexpected reason, we ended up at the Vancouver Christmas Market on its opening day.  How inconvenient, right? 

 I've been here back in 2011 or 2012, but didn't recall it to be this much fun!

 The entrance fee was $7 for one adult.  No student discount, but there were other prices, including packages.  Check them out here.

Tree!  A giant one too!

Talented performers.  She has a lovely voice I tell you.

Apparently the one and only carousel in Vancouver.

I want to share with the world my newly discovered yummy tasty dessert: POFFERTJES.

A kind a Dutch pancake.  We chose to eat it with stroop syrup and my gosh I did not think it would taste so good.  The guys making it were very friendly and funny, even though I almost accidentally dropped my order of Poffertjes right onto them.

We had to go back to the entrance to get a wristband for ordering any alcoholic beverages. 

This is the Hot Buttered Rum.  It tasted...let's say I took a sip and gave it all to my friend, who took a couple sips and returned the mug.

There were so many food vendors and lots and lots to see, including arts and crafts, hand knitted scarves/hats/gloves, ornaments, handmade soaps etc.
For $9, you can make your own star.  I guess that'll be for the tree at home.

These handmade soap, shaped of fruits, actually smell like the fruits themselves.  The watermelon one had an especially wonderful scent.

 Super soft lions and llamas.

It's worth a visit this Christmas season, especially when you are in good company.  I had so much fun with my good friends and it was great seeing them before I leave.  I came home such a happy girl, wanting to sing "Fa la la la la~la la la la" the entire night :)

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