Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lions Gate Bridge: Off My Bucket List!

At this point in life, I have 2 bucket lists.  

1. World Edition
2. Local Edition (Right now, it's still Vancouver.)

Cycling across the Lions Gate Bridge was one of the top priorities.

Two lions guarding at the "gate" with one on each side of the entrance of the bridge.

 My friend from Hong Kong was expecting another casual Stanley Park seawall ride, only to find himself heading to the middle of this bridge five minutes into it.

 A perfect view of our West Vancouver city.

 Our brief stroll at Stanley Park after.  We called it a "stroll," but it was more like us standing there since neither of us could really feel our legs after our super mini Tour de Lions Gate.

 These swans were not afraid of human and seem to like having their photos taken.  This one was especially calm and ready.  He/She is a beauty!

 Last winter it was so cold my iPhone shut off while trying to snap a photo of these swans.  Summer is definitely a better time to visit Vancouver.  If you're a big ski/snowboard fan like me, visit both during the summer AND the winter!

Yacht parking spots everywhere.  As long as you see water (with nice view) in Vancouver, you'll see yachts.

Summer 2014 was definitely one of the best summers I've had in life.  I'm glad it happened before the big move.  Stay tune and I've got more updates on a Vancouverite's beloved summer activities!

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