Tuesday, 28 April 2015

[Germany] Heerstraße's Cherry Blossoms

Weibo, Chinese Twitter, has a gazillion photos of beautiful places.

The exactly locations of these photos are rarely marked.

 Finding Heerstraße (pronounced Heerstrasse) was not an easy task, but I did!

This place is so beautiful it's almost unreal!
(I forgot to breathe for the longest time while I stood at the entrance to Heerstraße.)

A good morning from Bonn!

It was not exactly early morning, but I could barely open my eyes.
(I flown in around 10pm the night before.)

It was a very rainy Saturday too.

Always travel with style, right?

The top right photo I definitely saw on Weibo in 2012.

There were a couple more, and they all looked as beautiful as ever.

Heerstraße - my dream come true.

The moment I saw the street, I screamed with excitement inside my head.

This place was absolutely STUNNING!

Words don't do it justice. 

I have to say, this passerby took pretty awesome photos of me and the cherry blossoms.

He was very patient to make sure the photos looked good, while his girlfriend was standing on the side waiting patiently.  
Such wonderful people :)

Half way through, it started pouring rain.

I ran into a nearby cafe...

and ordered a croissant and a pot of China Rose.

Just look at how a simple croissant and tea turned into a full blown afternoon tea!

What a cute little store!

They have free Wi-Fi too.

After a 30-minute break, I headed back out to take more photos.

Eventually I decided it was time to go.

When I passed by the next street, it was just as beautiful as Heerstraße.
(But it wasn't as long a street.)

It was not easy taking photos at Heerstraße.

There were quite a lot of people and cars were constantly driving through (one way traffic).

When it was time to head to the airport, I hopped onto the SB60 from Bonn Hbf.

It cost about €8 and 30 minutes to get to the airport.

The sun decided to make it out so it can set lol.

I might as well enjoy it while waiting for my flight back to London Stansted.

Taking the bus is a cheaper way, than the train, to go from Stansted to the city and vice versa.

I recommend the National Express bus, not the Terravision bus.

Yes, National Express is little more expensive, but it is much cleaner, has better service, bigger seats and more stop options.

I am so happy I went to Heerstraße at the right time.

I checked Tripadvisor's blog on Heerstraße for a couple weeks before booking my tickets.

For 2015, the Heerstraße's cherry blossoms fully bloomed around April 19 and they should last for about two weeks, depending on the weather.

I based my decision on the 2014 forum, so I think towards late April would be a safe bet to see these beauties.

Next up: my Cologne accommodation!

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