Friday, 3 April 2015

Whitstable: My Love for the Seaside

Whitstable is to the East of London, about a two-hours train ride.

If you love oysters, this is the town for you!

It was yet another rainy day.

Having lived in England for almost four months now, rain doesn't affect my plans.
I met up with my friend at St. Pancras International.

We took one of these cooler looking trains and headed towards Whitstable.
(The schedule said "Sandwich" was the destination, but it turned out we didn't have to change trains.  Yay!)

She just finished her culinary and bread courses at Le Cordon Bleu London.

She brought me pain Campaghnard with Roquefort that she made!
(Blue cheese + raisins = so delicious)

We finally arrived at Whitstable!

It took about a 20-minute walk to the city centre.

There were many houses with beautiful gardens enroute.

This antique car reminded me of...

"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!"

Colourful little city centre.

The prices of the things for sell and food were cheaper than London!


I think life is so great at the moment :)

Please don't run me over...ever.

The flower shop was absolutely gorgeous!

It gave off the small-town-shop feel where the owner(s) really took the business into their own hands.

So from checking on Google, Samphire is one of the best restaurants in Whitstable.

Nice little spot we got with no reservation.

We went in around 2pm and by 2:30pm, the place was crowded!

They have great choices for supper, but that doesn't start until 5pm.

Instead, we stuck to the lunch menu.

Here's the brunch menu, in case you are curious.

Goats cheese Gnocchi, with beetroot, spinach and walnuts £12.95
Very very delicious!  Everything went together perfectly!

Samphire's Antipasti for Two £16.95
We saw quite a few other tables which ordered this, so we did too.
And was it superb!
(More bread would be nice - some of the things were too salty.)

My default mode.
At first, we tried for this oyster bar.

But it was reserved for the rest of the day, bar and restaurant!
(Can you believe it?!)

My friend said she wanted to try it even more when she couldn't lol.

So do make reservations ahead of time if you plan to visit.

After a late lunch, we strolled along the seaside.

Earlier in the morning, we agreed on rain boots.

In England, it's most comfortable wearing your rain boots when visiting the seaside or the countryside.

The roads are not too well-built and a lot of the times, it's just raining.

These famous beach huts are located at the opposite direction from the city centre.

Hello!  Do you spot me?


I promise it was not intentional.

By 4pm, it was time to head back to the train station.
(At these non-central parts of England, missing a train means up to another 1.5 hours of wait.)
Easter weekend means a lot of construction for the rail and tube networks.

Since some stops for my tube home weren't available, I had to walk to another station to reconnect.

Not a bad walk, just look at this amazing view!

P.S. The London Eye lights changed colour.  For a while, it was blue and red.

Another weekend day trip done!

I think this will be the only for April since I'm flying out at the end of the month for two days.

BUT, I already know where I'd go for my next day if it gets the better of me, I may just take off.
(One of the perks living in Europe )

Happy Easter everyone!

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