Thursday, 9 April 2015

Day & Night from the London Eye

20:00 Thursday evening.

I should really be baking my salmon for tomorrow's lunch.

Instead, I am here typing away.

Do you know why I can't take my eyes off this city?

Here is one of the many many many reasons.

It was another fine day in London and I was waiting for my friend.

The sunset was estimated to be at 19:44.

Our plan was to hop onto the London Eye by 19:30. 
(One full rotation takes 30 minutes.)

The cost for a standard ticket is only £19.35 if you purchase online 24 hours ahead of time.

You can avoid the ticket line this way too!  
Just print and bring the paper - you can head directly to the line up.

And...we were heading towards the beautiful sky!

I wanted to make this so it was not just another entry about the London Eye.

So, I will show you day vs. night.
(It's really not "vs." but more "and," because both kind of views are breathtaking.)

That gorgeous building is the Corinthia Hotel, one of my favourites in London.

We headed there for dinner after the ride.  I'll show you in a bit!

Hello fellow tourists!

At night, it's usually blue and red.

I am guessing these two represent the colours of the British flag.

Selfie stick is incredibly crazy...they are everywhere!

The famous Big Ben and parts of West London.

This would be the highest point of the London Eye experience.

I always fancied this view more than the initial ascending view, which features East London.

Each capsule fits about 25-28 people.

Usually they fill it up with less than 20 to avoid the crowd.

As you can probably guess, people all push for the better views.

This was my third time on the London Eye.

Am I tired of it yet?

To be honest, a little.

I've covered day and night and now, sunset.

Though, this wasn't much a sunset because of the clouds!

I think I would try it once more and really see the sunset.

I love you London! xoxo

The Brits and Europeans love to use xx or xoxo in texts a lot.

I am still getting used to so much kisses and hugs haha! x
We strolled along Southbank and crossed the Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges to arrive at the Corinthia Hotel.

Last time I sat at The Northall Bar, which was absolutely comfortable!

This time, we sat at The Northall dining area.

The cool thing is the interior design of the two areas are so similar, yet so different.

On a Thursday evening, it wasn't noisy.

Certainly gave peace after a long day at work.

London is a metropolitan city.

However, it's not like the many other vibrant cities around the world where you just go into any building and would be standing on the 50th floor.

If you want a better view of the city, I suggest the following:
The London Eye
Walkie Talkie Sky Garden
The View from the Shard
Climb the O2
Emirates Cable Car

And finally, one more day until the weekend.

Hang in there everyone!

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