Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Perfect Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!
How are you spending yours?

I spent mine at Regent's Park.

The choice was quite random since I hadn't visited any parks in London except for Greenwich Park.
(For some reason, I don't really see Greenwich Park as an official tourist park.)

One of the famous feature of Regent's Park is The Open Air Theatre.
It's not yet opened, but the first play looks to be in May.

After the past week of rain and sunshine rotating throughout the day, it's finally a cloudy and sunny day today!

We started our walk at 11:30am.

The Park wasn't too crowded even at around 1:30pm when we left.

This goose(?) was really swimming at turbo speed.  

Wonder what's his/her rush.

One of my favourite kind of tree :)

There was a couple having a picnic right by the tree and it looked romantic. 

Do you see the bird nest on the left hand side? 

Lovely spot I would never have imagined to be in central London. 

We rented the paddling boat for a half hour.
The paddling area isn't big, so half an hour is just enough.

I can't recall the rate, but it's about £20 for two people (includes £5 deposit, in case you run away with the boat).
One of the staff taught us the route to escape lol...but of course there were fences.

Look at this beauty!

While walking here, we saw a poor swan wanting to get out from a fenced area.
(S)he really had to swim around and go from the other side, but (s)he didn't know >_<

Paddling was so easy and relaxing.

I promise I didn't slack off paddling while snapping photos.

We strolled around for a bit after, until we reached the Landmark Hotel for lunch.

It's located right opposite the Marylebone train station.

Lunch was served at the Winter Garden Restaurant.
(Isn't it such a relaxing atmosphere?  Reminded me of the Palm Court in Plaza Hotel NYC.)

The other guests and their children were very proper and polite.

The waiters and waitresses were super attentive!  Bonus bonus points.

We ordered two salads.  This was one of them.

Tomato Salad £??
I can't recall the price, but this dish is of red and green tomatoes with olives.

I haven't had green tomatoes before (from what I can remember anyway).
They tasted exactly the same as red tomatoes lol.

Pan Seared Seabass £24
Basil gnocchi, brown shrimps, cucumber and tomato dressing

I hear my inner voice wanting the basil gnocchi even now.  I loved it!
Hazelnut Praline Iced Parfait £8
Blood orange and Cointreau cream 

My choice of a very special and tasty dessert!
It was literally an iced parfait (cold) - the texture was similar to ice cream.  Pairing with blood orange peel made the flavour vivid.

It was live piano performance when we sat down.

By the time we finished, a live harpist was performing instead.
At first I thought my Easter long weekend would be quite dull since most people I know are travelling somewhere.

In reality, I've been having an awesome time!

It is actually a perfect time to enjoy the city because you'll notice it's much emptier than normal weekends.

What a perfect day of happiness 

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