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[Germany] The Cologne Cathedral & Beethoven's Birthplace

Before I dive into the cherry blossoms, here are some attractions that are beautiful year-round.

It takes about one hour to fly from London to the Cologne Bonn Airport.
(I later realize the airport is named so because it's located in between the two cities.)

Cologne, or Köln, is the fourth largest city in Germany.

One of the city's most famous attractions is precisely the Cologne Cathedral, Köln Dom.

The Cathedral is listed as one of the World Heritage sites.

It is of Gothic architecture.  Impressive eh?

The ceiling is unreachable!

Where the Cathedral is situated today, has been home to several of its predecessor-churches.
You can find out more of its history here (goes all the way back to the 1170s).

There were so many tourists, but I found it MUCH easier to navigate through than in the British Museum.

It could be due to the larger space of the Cathedral, or that the British Museum is just way too popular.

Those are nine baroque tapestries, designed by Peter Paul Rubens, hanging inside.

They depict the "Triumph of the Eucharist."

What is that?  Good question, I have no idea so I've looked it up on Wikimedia.

After viewing the most central part of the Cathedral (above photo), I made my way to the basement.

The basement is incredibly small and there aren't much to see.

I made my way back up the stairs after about 15 minutes.

It was such a rainy day after weeks of sunshine!

Köln Dom stands as impressive as ever regardless.

Located just minutes away from the Köln Dom, here is the Hohenzollern Love Bridge!

Doesn't look like much during day time, it is AMAZEBALLS at night.
(image source:

Thousands of love locks on both sides of the bridge.

It accepts all kinds of locks...whatever you find necessary.

On my way back to Köln train station to Bonn!

I saw many police enroute, probably a couple hundred (there was a game or something).

Beautiful lighting under the bridge!

It was around 1pm and I hadn't ate since 6pm the previous night.

Köln Hbf (city centre) station.

When in Germany, you can't miss currywurst!

It's made of German sausages, a lot of Heinz ketchup and curry powder.
It's a popular German fast food.

During Christmas times, London's Christmas markets would always sell currywurst.

In Bonn, I have arrived at Beethoven's birthplace!

Growing up playing some of his pieces, I just cannot NOT visit!
It was fascinating seeing some of the original scores and the antique pianos.

After paying €6, I put my bag in the locker (€1, but you get it back when you take your things).

Inside the house, photography is not allowed, but it is okay in the gardens.

The floors squeak so badly, but the house is quite big.
(It is definitely more spacious than Anne Boleyn's childhood home, the Hever Castle.)

I met quite a few interesting people on my trip this time.

A Malaysian family, who lives in England, kept chatting with me before boarding the plane.

On the train from Cologne to Bonn, I met an app tester from LG India.
He was travelling all over Germany for his business trip.
For the first time in his 10 years with LG, the company sent him to Europe.
He told me during his business trip to Seoul, the company provided meals are all Indian food.  Funny guy!

Travelling solo becomes easier and more enjoyable as I gain the experience.

Next in the blog: cherry blossoms.  Stay tune!

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