Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happiness Is As Simple As You Make It

If there are days I will remember, today is definitely one of those.


Well, because it's a "normal day."

As I age, I begin to appreciate a normal day where everything go according to plan.
(But, I will not let ageing get the better of me!)

After work, I dropped by Ye Olde London to watch some colleagues play pool for charity.

English pool tables are a smaller size compared to the North American pool tables.

You only get four colours: white, black, red and yellow.

One person only hit the red balls in, and the other yellow balls.

The black continues to be the last you target.

Such an old fashion English style of decor.  I love it!

I headed to the Millennium Bridge after.

Not forgetting to turn around and snap a photo of the gorgeous St. Paul's Cathedral painted orange by the sun. 

Breathtaking huh?

I have secretly saved this image in my mind.

Very windy and chilly!  I wore too little.  

After almost two weeks of sunshine, London will revert back to its gloomy rain style.
Reminds me of my diet: after living healthy for two weeks, I revert back to my original diet (which is no diet, just "I see I eat")...

While I am around the area, I've decided to walk to the London Bridge station and hop onto a train there.

Mid-week of one of the many weeks I have been in this city.

This time, I actually know my way around!

If you have dreams, it's never too late to pursue.

Live life with no regrets.

Oh, and happy Earth day!

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