Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Screen on the Green

It was almost like watching a movie at home on our own couch!

The Screen on the Green is located near the Angel tube station and only has one screen.

When I was first told we will be watching a movie here, I immediately googled to make sure it's not really "on the green."  You know, outdoor with the mosquitoes.

We watched the "Slow West."

Despite all the killings, this movie is filled with humour to a whole new level. 

Got here early and ordered some snacks and water.

Check out their menu!

We got the last guacamole!

The bar is right at the back of the theatre.

You can place your order, pay and the friendly staff will bring over the food.

(Five star is full score!  
I don't normally give scores, so this is really only to tell you how happy I was with the service haha!)

One of the best parts were these foot rests.

We got seats D1 and D2, so we were able to watch the full movie without disturbance.

And I was a jolly girl after the movie - just a bit hungry.

We went to a nearby place to have some light snacks :)

London's two biggest theatres are probably Vue and Odeon, but those two are normally crowded and less private.

If you search around, there are many smaller cinemas (they call movie theatres "cinema" here) like The Screen on the Green.

My next aim is actually the Electric Cinema!

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