Monday, 1 June 2015

Hampstead Heath Beyond My Imagination

Hampstead was one of the top places on my London to-go list.

It's about an hour transit from home.

On a Saturday morning, I woke up at 8am, full of energy but nowhere to burn.

It was a perfect sign I should stroll around London before my evening plans.
You know, to burn some of my excessive energy off.
(I miss Artizia!  They really should consider expanding to London.)

Turn right when you get out of the Hampstead tube station and walk up the hill.

Watch out for a small back alley, the "Back Lane."

A cute couple with a gorgeous background!

I adore this back alley so much I had to selfie with it.

London has always been beautiful, but I couldn't help but took photos at every corner of this neighbourhood!

It was as if I've walked into a film set and everywhere was photo-worthy.

If you keep walking up the slope, you'll be heading towards the Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House direction.

I make the walk sound so easy.  In reality, it is a 20 or so minute walk from the station.

Let's not forget these very London represent snaps en route.

Found a secret passage to the main road inside the park.
(Actually I just happened to have missed the real entrance to the park lol.)

Right: bike lane // Left: pedestrians

This part reminded me of Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Beautiful scenery right beside the road.  And there was me breathing in dusts...

I quickly found another secret passage and dashed into the forest to avoid pollution.

Being in this mini forest reminded me of my forest adventures in West Vancouver!

London has many parks, but this is one of the rare mini forests.

I walked into the forest and ended up coming out of it from this route, feeling slightly lost.

At this point, I was about to pull out my phone to locate my whereabout when I saw other tourists holding the Kenwood House brochures.

I started walking towards where they all came from.

Had a slight detour (by slight, it was literally 2 minutes) when I saw this contemporary piece.

Then, my slight detour turned into quite a detour.

What can I say? 

The weather was brilliant, people were wandering around the fields and dogs were playing with each other!

I ate two pieces of toasties and two avocados that morning.

I had so much energy in me that if I didn't come out for a stroll, I'd be sitting at home feeling fat.

Richmond Park (with the deers) was a far reach as I still had my evening plans, so Hampstead Heath was the obvious answer.
(I do want to visit Kew Garden as well.)

You could spend a lovely day at Hampstead whether walking your dog, hanging out with friends, hosting a picnic and many other outdoor activities.

Londoners especially adore their nature because of how rare it is within the city. 

As a current Londoner myself and having come from the beautiful British Columbia, I indulged my early afternoon in my kind of fairy tale nature land: Hampstead Heath.

Next up: Kenwood House!


  1. Nice to get out and about - I always try and explore a new place in London every weekend!

    Krissie x -

    1. Me too! Every week I would Google hard to find a nearby place to visit and then venture out of the country once in a while. :)

  2. The parks and everything looks simply amazing!!

    Danika Maia

    1. Thank you! The short three-hour trip turned out to be more amazing than I imagined 😍

  3. It's gorgeous! I've never considered visiting there (if I'm in London I would typically go to the Cotswolds) but now I will!

    1. Hi Whitney, I have yet to visit Cotswolds (seems like everyone is there these days)! Hope you'll enjoy Hampstead :)