Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Look Inside Kenwood House

Located a 20-minute walk from the Hampstead tube station, the Kenwood House is a stunning estate with breathtaking garden and grounds.

I love walking down nature "tunnels" like this.

It's when I can sort of feel like a princess yoif you know what I mean.

Last second I was mesmerised by the "tunnel" and the next second these flowers.

I got here around 1pm and people were already having their picnics.  

By the time I finished touring Kenwood House, the garden got quite packed.

Thank you Mr. Passer-by for taking this wonderful photo of me!

A mini "tunnel."

I could lie on the grass and roll down the hill.

A brief description of who used to live and own the Kenwood House.

It was a rather small household to be living such a enormous mansion.

One of the more modern estates I have seen in Europe.

Though the floors still squeaked quite a bit.

Entering the main living room.

Not too sure what they call the "main living room."  

I'd imagine it would be the "salon," but the Mister and Mrs each have their own salon in other parts of the mansion.

On almost every chair in the mansion, there are these simple and cute decoration.

The library *o*

Forget Kindle, I would pick up a book and sit here all afternoon.

In every room, there are modern chairs available for visitors to sit and admire the rooms.

Another brief introduction of the household members who used to live here.

A large space for kids to have some fun and embrace the sunshine.

I adore this staircase!

As new as this property looked (compared to other estates I've visited in Europe), the floor continued to squeak whenever I step on it.

Certainly I hope it was not because of my weight...

All over the mansion, there is a large collection of paintings displayed.

I especially liked this room because of the three instruments: a piano, an organ and a harp.

My tour ended in a gift shop.

I must say the gift shop carpet was so soft I could stand there for half a day.

The front of Kenwood House.

I walked to the back for the cafe and a tour of the back garden (and secretly, ice cream).

London is a very dog-friendly City.

I saw a lot of people bringing their dogs on tubes, restaurants and tourists attractions.

In this area of the cafe, animals are not allowed.  If you brought your dog(s)...

you could sit with them in this area instead!

It wasn't exactly a hot sunny day, but definitely an ice cream deserving day!

This chocolate ice cream was so chocolaty.  *Heart-shaped eyes*

Finally I can write Hampstead off my wishlist!
Instead, I've placed it on my regular list because I really enjoyed the neighbourhood and the fresh air.
If you ever want to escape the vibrant London city life for an entire day, Hampstead is the number one choice!

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