Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Drink at the Sky Garden

One of the newer attractions of London, the Sky Garden,  will take your breathe away!
After work, I took my tourist friend up to the Sky Pod Bar, which is on the 35th floor of 20 Fenchurch.
A panoramic view of the "garden."

Won't you think we got a vodka-based drink and a Bloody Mary?
My friend got a headache from her four hours in the British Museum and I wasn't feeling well from lunch, so we decided to stay off the alcohol.
Fresh Lemonade £4 // Tomato Juice £3.50
British Charcuterie for 1 person £12.50
(Fennel salami, wild mushroom salami, house-cured salt beef, ham hock rillette, celeriac remoulade & breads)
Carlingford Rock Oysters (6) £14 
Whether it is for a date or for a birthday (like below photo), you can count on the Sky Garden (and your friends) to amaze you.
The Garden has these yellow and green bikes as decorations and I find them very good props for photos!

As much as we would loved to have seen the sunset, 9:21pm was simply too late for a weekday.
Plus, it may have been too crowded if we arrive late, causing security to not let us up.
If you decide to pop by, try visiting outside of these hours:
M-F 10am-6pm
Sat & Sun 11am-9pm
The above hours are for visitors with the Sky Garden tickets and you can book them for free here.

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