Monday, 22 June 2015

My New Favourite: Duck & Waffle!

Even before my move to London, I've been wanting to try Duck & Waffle.

I find it to be one of the hardest restaurants to book in London for a full-time working Londoner!

Finally I called them up in late May and made this reservation for three weeks after.

It was truly worth my every effort.

Plus, my friend who's been staying with me this week got to try this too!

The security desk at the lobby didn't ask a bunch of questions (thank goodness) like some of the bars in London (yay).

We got into the elevator and went straight up to the 40th floor.

Glad the reservation was for today because of this gorgeous weather!

We arrived 30 minutes early and waited at the lounge area.

The hostess was nice enough to switch our original table for one with a better view :)

We stuck with the brunch menu, which is only available on weekends.

Dorset Crab £15
(White & brown crab meat, English wasabi, pickled pepper, basil)

Not my favourite dish because of the red pepper and that I was hoping for more crab roe...

Duck & Waffle £17
(crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maples syrup)

The signature of this restaurant, hence the name!

This is almost like...when you've found a flawless man (which is impossible).  This possible.I really hope you understood what I mean.

BBQ-Spiced Crispy Pig Ears £5
My friend said this would be perfect with some alcohol...

Don't forget to strike a pose with the signature dish!

Duck Egg En Cocotte(v) £13
(Wild mushroom, Gruyere, Truffle, Soldiers)

Cheesy, truffly and SO HOT.  What can I complain about when all my favourite foods are combined??
The taste is rather heavy, so my only recommendation is to share it with a friend or two.

House Bread(v) £6

Thought it was just normal bread until I tried.

It was chewy and really you could eat without any sauce!

While waiting on our only dessert, I took the opportunity to look around the great view the restaurant offered.

The long awaited dessert!
We saw another table ordered it just as we sat down and immediately asked our waiter where it is on the menu.

Torrejas (serves two)(v) £11
(maple caramel apples, cinnamon ice cream)

Truly one of the most sensational afternoon brunches we've had.

My friend thoroughly enjoyed her time reading the menu for ingredients as she munched down all the food.
She even purchased the recipe book written by the restaurant's Executive Chef, Dan Doherty.

I caught glimpses from the two tables beside us from time to time, most likely because we ordered so much for two!
(And we wasted no food!)

Duck & Waffle is officially another of my favourite restaurants in London!

Friends, when you come visit, do let me know a month in advance so I can book us in :)

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