Thursday, 18 June 2015

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

One of my bestest friends is currently visiting me in London, so I've decided to take her to a nice rooftop bar.
Boundary Rooftop is a chic place I've found from Googling (Oh Google, what would I do without you?).

 All the greens are real!
We arrived around 7pm and waited about 15 minutes.
There was only one party in front of us in line.
We took the lift up to the rooftop area and the hostess, thankfully, sat us semi-indoors.
We checked out the menu and decided to bail...
It wasn't bad at all, but my friend was tired from travelling and we decided to skip the alcohol.
We then took #205 bus and arrived at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen!
The restaurant is spacious, but they've used a lot of the space for the bar area.
Our decision to skip the alcohol didn't persist, and we got one drink each!
[Left] Homemade ice tea £4.5 (non-alcoholic)
[Right] Rose Gimlet £9 (Beefeater gin, house-made yuzu & rose water cordial)
Crispy pig's cheek, Clarence Court egg, GoldRush apple, kimchi £9
When I laid eyes on the menu, my instinct said to me, "this is the one!"
It truly was.  The skin was very crispy and the cheek part was wonderfully dissolving in our mouths.
Then the lights dimmed and we could hardly see our food after lol.
Please bare with the food photos with flash.
Cornish hake, wild garlic, Jersey Royals, smoked crème fraîche £23
The fish and the sauce I very much agree too.  The baby potatoes could do without.
Hereford short rib, spring Tropea onion, Desiree mash, Montgomery Cheddar £24
The meat literally melted in our mouths, but we both found this dish a little too salty.
The Desiree mash was obviously there to compensate for the heavier sauce, but we avoided carbs.  The Tropea onions were very good compliments.
Caramelized filo  pastry, cream cheese, beetroot syrup £7
I wouldn't say it was my favourite dessert, but certainly quite an interesting choice in using beetroot.
It certainly made me feel like intaking the healthier choice!
And here's the other side with no flash.
Thank you my friend for assisting in this photo by shining her iPhone flashlight from above.
We were strolling around Shoreditch and before we knew it, we ended up in the Islington area!
The most meaningful thing about this restaurant is that it is "non-profit."
It for one, provides the moderately-priced delicious food and drinks for its customers.  The next part is my favourite:
"I set up Fifteen because I believe young people have untapped talents, often hidden by problems in their home lives.  These talents can be freed by a passion for good food and meaningful hard work..." -Jamie Oliver
This quote is about The Fifteen Apprentice Programme, which allows young people from 18 to 25 to participate.  The programme is 12-months long with guaranteed housing.  Apprentice chefs also receive £130 per week in training allowance, travel allowances and a 4-week holiday entitlement!
These are just some things I higlighted and may not be entirely accurate.  The best is of course to visit the website and contact the restaurant.

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