Thursday, 2 July 2015

Afternoon Tea at The InterContinental

My first afternoon tea since moving to London is at the Wellington Lounge of The InterContinental Park Lane.

The hotel decor is my favourite kind: not old-fashioned nor contemporary, but somewhere in between.
 On this rare occasion, I decided to not put make up on.

What a great least I dressed nicely. 

Scents of Summer - the beauty of British summertime £45 per person
(Only until 27 Sep 2015)

The top layer are the grass shots.
They aren't marvellously delicious but definitely the most healthy.

The orange (chicken) and yellow (salmon) sandwiches are the best!

The purple sandwich at the back is my least favourite: cucumber.  

As much as cucumber sandwich is "traditional," couple pieces of cucumber wrapped in bread and served in afternoon teas seems like a total rip off to me.

At this point you can choose to have more sandwiches or move onto the scones.

We wanted to try everything first before stuffing ourselves with seconds.

The best part about the second round is the earl grey butter!

Finally we got to pastries!!

The presentation matched perfectly with the name of this afternoon tea set.

The best part was probably when the waiter sprayed perfume that resembled "summer scent" into the air lol.

I seriously hope the perfume liquid was edible...

To our disappointment, this arrangement gave off a better look than it tasted.

I didn't really like any of the pastries :(

My friend said she never had high expectations for any pastries except the French's.

After tea time, I had to get a full body photo in since I dressed up :)

It was a perfect afternoon with my one of my bestest friends, who was visiting from Asia.

We sat down at 1:30pm and stayed until 5:30pm!

The atmosphere was so comfortable I fell asleep a little, except it got louder as the afternoon went by with more and more guests.

It would've been a plus with live piano performance :)

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