Friday, 26 June 2015

Nitro Ice Cream What?

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is ice cream that has been frozen using liquid nitrogen. The process takes less time than traditional ice cream manufacture.
(Source: Wikipedia)
I was Googling for the best ice cream in London (to replace my love: Earnest Ice Cream from Vancouver) and found Chin Chin Labs, which sells the liquid nitrogen ice cream!

Valrhona Chocolate flavour from their website totally attracted my undivided attention.
Just look at how content I looked (minus the tiredness).
The shop is about 10 minutes walk from the Camden Town tube station.
With the crowd on the weekends, you are looking at 20 minutes...
It has three small tables inside and a bench outside.

Of course, there is a bit of a queue from time to time.

The Brown-wich is one of their best sellers, but I personally find it way too sweet.

Pondicherry Vanilla £4.45
(With some kind of topping that my friend picked)
Really these nitrogen ice cream is a lot smoother than regular ice cream!
Here's me happily devouring my Valrhona Chocolate ice cream £4.45 as breakfast...
In case the queue does get long, you can always entertain yourself by watching nitrogen ice cream in the making.

While you are in the Camden Town Market, stay around and browse.
There are plenty to do, to shop, to eat and to see!
I can finally feel that summer breeze in London, so will definitely be on the hunt for more best ice cream in town!
Stay tune for my blogs :)  Happy weekend everyone!

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