Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Tate Modern Dining Experience

The highest level of Tate Modern is home to the Level 6 Restaurant.

Every time I come up here for the cafe or restaurant, it is usually packed.

Today we managed to wait about 30 minutes (they give you a buzzer) at the cafe area and got a pretty good table at the restaurant for late lunch.

We were pretty lucky to find a small table and later, two seats by the window while waiting on the restaurant.

Look at this view!  So surreal!

After finishing our OJ and bottle of sparkling water, our buzzer buzzed and we quickly claimed our table.

The restaurant is quite spacious.  

They don't have too many tables, so the wait does build up.

At first we tried to share a starter and a main, but the waiter had to ask the manager first.  Apparently each guest has to order a main.

The manager did approve so we got the Fennel cured salmon, celery & apple slaw, argan oil and the Salad of asparagus, sprouting broccoli, spring onions, Rosary's goats' cheese, pickled walnuts.

See how the two above were healthy choices?

Yes, I HAD to order these chunky chips to ruin our attempt to be completely healthy :)

Being photo-shy, which is rare in me.

Today's trip to Tate Modern was mainly to see Mark Rothko's collection and other contemporary art.

It was crowded, but less crowded than what I expected for a Sunday afternoon.

I bet it would be quite a fun family event during the weekend mornings!

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