Sunday, 22 March 2015

Rotterdam Part 2: Cube Houses

Cube Houses, or Kubuswoningen in Dutch, are built based on "living as an urban roof."

Basically, the house represents a tree and all the houses together, a forest/a village. 

Pretty cool huh?  Now let me take you for a tour inside one of the houses!

To get to this central "oasis," I walked up just a couple of steps.

The display house is just to the left.  

It doesn't have a magnificent view, but some of the other houses do.

Having walked up a couple of steep steps, I got to the living room.

First floor wasn't huge: the living room and the kitchen.
(The entrance fee is €3.)

Up to the second floor we go (yes, follow the chimpanzee's instruction)!

What an interesting choice of decor for a show house!

We have arrived at the study. 

Right behind the desk and chairs, you catch a glimpse of the third floor. 

"No refunds for cut-off fingers" 

Can you imagine living here? 

I could, but maybe add a bit more carpet so it'll hurt less in case I fall...

This is the third floor living room.

It would be very nice rain or shine.

I would make it all carpet with a fireplace (even a fake one will do).
The flat screen HD TV can be hung somewhere on the wall!

You can sort of see the neighbours...and maybe even wave at them :)

Now walking towards the Old Harbour, which is just behind the Cube Houses. 

The Old Harbour!

It was a Sunday and windy, so there wasn't too many people.

By the way, another good hotel, citizenM Hotel Rotterdam, is brand new and is located to the right.

Wouldn't it be nice to sit here during the summer and chill the whole day with some friends and food?

The front of the Cube Houses, right beside the Pencil building.

The Cube Houses are designed by the Dutch architect Piet Blom.

I overheard the admissions attendant said one cube house is approximately €200,000. 

Assuming he was talking about a no view unit.  I'm sure the ones facing the Old Harbour cost more.

It's not an ideal family home, but would you live here as a single gal/guy or with your other half?

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