Thursday, 5 March 2015

My First Turkish Delight

My friend asked to meet at Chinatown/Soho area, so I was very prepared for a comforting Chinese meal.

Then she told me she did not want Chinese food because she was going back to Asia soon...

It was a cold and windy evening. 

Right before us was the new Babaji Pide (website coming soon) right by the exit of Chinatown.

We ran inside (literally) and got the last table immediately available!
Chicken Beyti £8.50
Minced chicken, bell pepper, parsley, Turkish red chilli flake 
The chicken was SOOO flavourful of all kinds of spcies (I'm confused by the good taste).
I love those beans and a mixed of vege on the side too.

Luckily, I snapped this photo of the menu.
(The website is not yet ready.)

Babaji Pide is another of Mr. Alan Yau's creations.

The first thing I saw was hummus, so two orders of the warm flatbread £1 was a must.

Homemade Hummus £4.20 and Coban Salad £6.70
Sicilian vine tomato, cucumber, red onion, parsley, Turkish green pepper  
The hummus was heavenly (and good for your health)!
The salad was meh.  I appreciated the fact that the tomatoes were skinless.

Grilled Lamb Cutlets £9.50
Served with spicy red and green harissa
I don't normally eat lamb, but I did. 
The regular weird taste was well covered by the magic of all the spices fizziling together.

Ground floor was packed, so we were on the second floor.

Which was pretty awesome with this wicked view of Soho.

Turkish tea £??
It's like very concentrated English black tea.

My friend said it's perfect with a very sweet dessert...

So I just had to order a very sweet dessert to bring out the best in the tea right?

Homemade Pistachio Baklava £5
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
Tasted a little like Indian sweets.  It wasn't overly sweet thanks to the real pistachios bits.

Ground floor. 

What a classy place, and not overpriced.

I felt that it's one of the London restaurants where my money is well spent.

I give this an 88%.  Oh, and it's only been opened for less than 100 days.

After eating so much, we just had to walk it off.

"I still don't feel like I've burnt off what I ate." - Me
"You're supposed to feel you've burnt a little off, not everything." - Friend

We definitely did not walk enough (20 minutes).  It never feels like it's enough walking in London.

There are so much to see!

I'd say this is the best spot for a London Eye photo.
(If you too, like me, can't fly.)

I still remember taking a photo with my friend in this exact spot more than two years ago.

She is leaving town for good very soon.  I will miss her very very much.

Friends come and go in life, but only some will stick around.  

Her and I, we are one of those ❤

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