Sunday, 8 March 2015

My Happiness Begins Again (Everyday)

I don't know how buying a loaf of bread ended up being sightseeing in Greenwich.

It's just a London thing - you might not know where you end up!

The beautiful Greenwich University, right by the Thames.

A clown was making these huge bubbles by the Cutty Sark.

Little kids were running around, chasing the bubbles.

People were strolling, sitting, queuing for food.

I felt at peace, like what life should be about.

The Painted Hall.

My playlist had the Ever After OST track 1 on as I walked in here.

It felt like a fairytale and I couldn't help but smiled.

You can see I really was just going to buy a loaf of bread by how I dressed and how I had no make up on...

I will count this as a celebration for the International Women's Day today.

Wonderful how the British have kept history alive.

Poor strangers (and two cute boys too!) in the way of my photo-taking.

I didn't expect such a terrible photo of them lol

The entrance to the Painted Hall.

Last time there was a private event and I couldn't go in.

It's always good to check the schedule first if you plan to visit, because this venue is available to private hire.

Right across from the Painted Hall, there's the Chapel.

It's a relatively small Chapel.

My panos just make everything seem bigger.  The beauty remains the same!

Look at the amazing much details!

What a beautiful organ!

A gloomy day, where the sun decided to hide past noon.

I could finally go do what I was set out to do: buy my loaf of bread.

Not before I stroll around a bit more in the Greenwich town.

That's right!

Use your live life to its fullest.

Last night I watched "Begin Again" and am now obsessed with its soundtrack.

My favourite song is Adam Levine's "Lost Stars." 
Have you seen it?  If yes, which song is your favourite?

It made me very happy about the simplicity in my life right now.
It made me appreciate the freedom I have.
It made me want to thank the people who care for me.

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