Friday, 27 March 2015

A Pleasant Evening with the Montrealers

I've always heard of the Spitalfield Market, but never had a chance to visit yet.

I did, however, visited a restaurant near the area and it has such delicious Thai food there: Rosa's Thai Cafe.

The interior of the restaurant is not big at all, but not cramped like some of the other London restaurants.

It wasn't too busy before 7pm.
If you are a larger party, reservation is recommended.

A wine glass with measuring units!
(You have to look quite carefully.  My bad photography skills here...)

Fried Spring Rolls - Vegatables £6.25/Minced pork £6.50
Crispy rolls with glass noodles served with sweet chilli sauce
I only ate the vegetables one and it was yummy! 

[From left to right]

I'm actually not sure what the first dish is...

Mixed Vegetables £7.50
Stir-fried vegetables with tofu & light soya sauce

Pumpkin Red Curry £10.00
Sweet roasted pumpkin balanced in an aromatic red curry, with coconut & sweet basil

Sirloin Beef £9.50
With vegetables & mushrooms in oyster sauce

They use old school plates.
Reminded me of what my grandmother used to feed me with :)
(Excuse the dirty spoon.  I was too hungry.)

Garlic Brown Rice £3.50Brown rice sprinkled with fried garlic

Yummy on my plate!
I give this a solid 80% (London standard).
We also ordered the Steamed Coconut Rice £4.00, which was mouth-watering too.

A pleasantly wonderful evening meeting my fellow Montrealers!

That life seemed so far away and my memory of the four years is kind of fading.
Nevertheless, I remember those are mostly happy memories spent with friends.

Now, I embrace the happiness I have found in London every moment.

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