Friday, 24 July 2015

[France] The Little City of Colmar

Welcome to my post on Colmar!

After my insistence on visiting this city, my two friends have agreed to come with me.  I think one of them just don't really care or know where she is going lol.

Once again, I must confess the pick of Colmar is because of some photos I've seen online couple years ago.  What could be a better way to pick your vacation spot right?

(Seriously, just look at how gorgeous this place is!)

Getting off the train, we took a cab to city centre because of our luggages.  I made myself proud by holding up a "where is downtown" conversation in 100% French with the taxi driver.

We dropped off our bags at our hotel which was only a 10-minute walk to "Little Venice" here.

On the other side of the bridge.

It was getting dark, so we decided to take a stroll through town and then settle down for supper.

But we saw this view at Le Quai De La Poissonerie and spent about half an hour snapping photos!  We were so hungry after.

Even though by the water and it was the evening, I didn't feel any mosquitoes flying around. 

To me, that was magical because I would be the Marilyn Monroe of the mosquito world otherwise.  (I'm trying to explain how much mosquitoes love me.) 

We had dinner at a touristy spot because a lot of the other restaurants were closed already.

The next morning, one of my friends and I manage to wake up early enough to have our morning stroll.

There were so many people taking photos of this building.

This is the Pfister House, the "first example of architectural renaissance in Colmar." 
It is famous because Ludwig Scherer, the hatter, lived here.  According to this, he "made his fortunate with money trading in the Val de Liepvre.
(I am not sure what Val de Liepvre is...)

We went into the restaurant opposite the famous building and ordered a soup and a crepe to share.  We already had a mini breakfast before our stroll.

Past by "Little Venice" again and had to take more photos.

Then one of us headed back to her city as she still had work the next day.

We bid her goodbye not quite in tears.  (The other two were meeting up in Rome the following week and I'll be seeing her again very soon.)

Nevertheless, we did it the proper way.

Leaving the station, we past by this majestic looking building.

I was jolly the weather was nice and that I was on holiday!  (It was the third day of my trip, so the idea was finally sinking in.)

We arrived at the Cathedral.

It seems like almost any city I go in Europe, there's always a fancy cathedral.

As I was with my friends on this trip, you'll see less selfies of me!
What a good thing right?

The sun went down and we were back in "Little Venice."

Colmar is not as small as we've imagined.

It has lots of shops with good deals if you're not only looking at high street fashion stores!

The weather was still chilly when we were there, but July and August would be perfect to visit.

We stayed at the Hôtel Turenne, which was decent priced and very clean!  I highly recommend this city if you're looking for a quiet and family-friendly getaway.

P.S. I forgot to mention the hotel we stayed at in Strasbourg.  It's called Residence Green Marsh and is only a 10-minute walk from the Strasbourg central train station.  It is very spacious and also very clean.

As usual, I stuck to my favourite hotel reservation website:

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