Friday, 17 July 2015

[France] Strasbourg - Part 2

One of the best part about being on vacation in a foreign city is that nobody knows you.
(Except your travel companions obviously.)
You can sing freely while walking down the streets, laugh loudly, take constant selfies and pose as tourist-like as you want!
The second half of my day at Strasbourg was like that.
It was a hot summer day in town, but we continued to stroll along the river L'Ill.

Although tempted, we resisted the urge to hop onto a river boat.
(It was mainly because we had no time before catching our train to Colmar.)
This was what I meant when I mentioned "tourist" pose.
There were quite a few swans in the river, just like the one behind me.

I found this incredibly romantic, especially with the two people (a couple) sitting below the tree by the beautiful bridge.
Now that I looked back on this photo, it seemed like they were having a serious discussion...hopefully it was nothing too serious.
Would love to have a lazy afternoon date there, perhaps with some wine and food.

Here was this lovely willow hanging down, which created this mini "tunnel."

The way these houses were built made the area looked like a fairy tale land.
I could imagine Belle from "Beauty & the Beast" dancing and singing her morning away here!

We stayed in Strasbourg for one night and left for Colmar the next day.
If you decide to visit these two cities, I would recommend spending more time in Strasbourg than Colmar.  There was quite a bit more to do in Strasbourg, day and night.
Scenery wise, Colmar is slightly prettier.  It's not as big a city as Strasbourg, so it is less industrial/touristy.
Next up: our adventures in Colmar!

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