Thursday, 6 August 2015

Up the O2!

The O2 is an arena in London, pretty much similar to Vancouver's Roger's Arena.
One of the major differences is that you cannot climb the Roger's, but you can definitely climb the O2!
So on a gloomy (and almost rainy) day when the tube strike is on, I've decided to climb it!
(The weather and tube strike really are just coincidences...)

 Hopping off the tube while it was still running, I arrived just outside the North Greenwich station.
As I waited for the rest of my party to arrive, I looked enviously at the people already climbing.
The cute decorations on the wall really gave off "the ultimate climb" sort of vibe.
In reality, the exercise is not strenuous.
If you have a fear of heights, that may be an issue.
Like any other "adventurous" endeavours, one must sign his/her life "away."
Then, we were seated in a small room to watch a humourous briefing video.
We moved to the next room where the staff gave us each a pair of shoe with good grip, a body strap kind of thing, a vest and this (photo below).
This thing was basically the only safety equipment that kept me from slipping and rolling down the O2 the whole climb.
Now I look more prepared for a mission than James Bond.
When you don't have the skills, you especially need to dress the part.
No photos were allowed until we got to the viewing platform, which took the group about 15 minutes.
The view?  Well, it was pretty breathtaking!
This is the walkway.
It's bouncy, but you're not allowed to bounce.
How I held onto the urge to.
There are 12 of these yellow poles, which represents 12 months of the year.
The O2 dome is EXACTLY 365m (365 days a year) in circumference.
The climb is 52m (52 weeks in a year) high.
And these, I tell you, are NOT coincidences.
I had to jump.
Since I couldn't on the walkway, I jumped for a photo on the viewing platform.
The guides didn't scold me, so I assumed it was allowed if you ever want to try.
It was very windy!
A hair fixing session was needed.  Ah, the things I do for good photos.

It's not cheap for the experience, but definitely worth it.
I believe there is a promotion going on in the month of September where you can climb up for 50% off.
If you're looking to catch the sunset, it's a little bit more than the regular price.
I would recommend it!  And you don't have to dress all sporty like I did.

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