Monday, 13 July 2015

[France] Strasbourg - Part 1

Once again, I took the National Express bus to Stansted Airport.

My destination this time: Strasbourg in Eastern France.

It was 9pm in Strasbourg when I arrived. For some reason (I'm sure there was a legit reason), the train no longer ran so I had to take the bus.

Quite a lot of others and myself waited for 45 minutes for the bus to arrive.
No matter though, as we all saw this beautiful sunset.
After I reached the city centre, I was lost.

Immediately I went to a nearby McDonald's to connect to free wifi!  
(McD is the most reliable fast food chain in Europe in terms of free wifi!)

I walked another 10 minutes and finally found the hotel my friends and I were staying at.

The next day, we started sightseeing not quite early...(blame the one who slept in lol)

It was a Sunday morning, so the town, like many parts of Europe, was quiet.

I've always loved the French streets :)

They're so colourful and particular in smaller cities, the streets are so clean.

We were searching for food and found Saint Sépulcre!

From the look of it, I was pretty sure it was a tourists kinda restaurant.

We were so hungry we over ordered...

Because Strasbourg is so close to the German border, the menu is in French, German and English!

Escargot in Garlic Butter(6) €9.90

Onion Soup €7.90

This onion soup was so tasty but so light!  So perfect for Asian taste buds.

Tab Beef with Shallots, Fried Potatoes €19.50

Onion Tart with Smoked Bacon Farmer €10.90

Pork Spare Ribs with Coriander Caramel, Roasted Potatoes €16.90

The side order of potatoes, €3, is really not necessary as one of our other dishes already has potatoes.

Daily dessert feature #1 - basically strawberries with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and sugar.

I recall this was €5.60 or so...

This is the definition of "rip off."

It's just strawberries, cut, with sugar...around €5.60 or so too.

After refuelling, we continued our sightseeing tour to the Strasbourg Cathedral.
I really liked my outfit that day!

The dress is from Zara and the hat is borrowed from my friend, who bought it in Slovenia!

I've never seen touristy cathedral so full of people sitting/actually attending a service!

One of my friends was eager to go on this merry-go-around in the city centre, so we did...

Never forget to play with your iPhone no matter where you're at.

There are just so many photos I found it hard to fit everything I want to post about, so there will be a Part 2!

Stay tune :)

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