Wednesday, 27 May 2015

An Evening at Neverland

By far the BEST play I have seen!

Seeing this version of "Peter Pan" made me noticed the sad truth behind the character.  It definitely isn't as jolly as the Disney version.

Peter Pan was a character created based on the author's older brother, David, who passed away from an ice-skating accident.  The author, J.M. Barrie, and his mother both thought of David as "the boy who wouldn't grow up."
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The Open Air Theatre is a 15-20 minute walk from Regent's Park station and is situated inside the Park.

We managed to get water, coke and a small mint chocolate chip ice cream right before the show starts (yay).

The set up for the first scene was a hospital setting during World War I.  Wendy was one of the nurses at the hospital while John and Michael (depicted as Wendy's two younger brothers in the Disney Peter Pan) were injured soldiers being cared for in the hospital.

What a perfect non-obstructed view of the stage!

I was, at first, really curious how the stage could be modified for the different scenes.

Now I can reassure you, do NOT worry about that!

Props, sound effects, the backgrounds, the actors/actresses were all BRILLIANT in making every scene come to life!
(One of the many scenes were set at sea and I could totally feel myself being underwater!)

This is one of the final scenes where Peter Pan's crew fight together to defeat Captain Cook.

There was an intermission half way through and we got another ice cream (chocolate this time). another day I guess.

At the end, the audience clapped so very hard to show how much we appreciated and enjoyed their performances.  These actors and actresses were truly talented and we really felt like the story came to life.

The main character, Wendy, was played by an Asian girl.  She was truly glowing as a "Wendy."

Here is Peter Pan (in all green)!

At the end of the play, I managed to capture a photo of this mesmerizing stage. 

Towards later in the night, the mild wind blew off the white pollens from surrounding flowers, making the ambiance a little too romantic to be true!

The seats behind us.  We were seated in the middle, very close to the stage.

Seating area is like a wide "U"-shape, surrounding the stage. 

The lighting and trees made the Theatre looked magical :)

I still felt like I was in Neverland while walking out. 

Following the crowd to the closest tube station - Regent's Park Station (only the Bakerloo line stops here).

It's already end of May, but it has been quite chilly this past week.  We dressed for the occasion, but it felt a bit chilly after the intermission.  

I saw many people pulled their blankets out!  Even the two little girls beside me.  This is one smart thing to remember if you ever go for an outdoor show.

I brought my umbrella along in case it rained.  Lucky it didn't!

"Peter Pan" was an incredible experience.  The show is until 14 June and I highly highly recommend it.

Now I shall visit Neverland for at least eight hours before waking up to reality.  

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