Saturday, 16 May 2015

Happily Museum Overload

I know it's the weekend and sleeping in is totally acceptable.

But, I just can't, knowing there are so much to do in London!

9:45am - Met up with a friend on hunt for delicious doughnuts together.

Check St. John Bakery out! 

This location is for take away only.

The cafe/restaurant is right behind (you have to go around).  It opened at 10am today.

Their signatures are the custard and jam flavours.

Today's jam flavour was the rhubarb.  The jam flavours rotates every so often between raspberry, rhubarb, strawberry, apricots and more.

We decided to walk around to the restaurant so we could sit and sip tea.

On this street and the street behind, there were about 15+ food vendors and stores.

I want to try this Greek food place next time!

We walked around a bit until the store opened at 10am.

Ordered the custard and rhubarb doughnuts!

The custard one was so fresh, not too sweet and smelled like wonder.  The doughnut itself was chewy and not oily.

The rhubarb one was tasty with the fresh rhubarb jam.  Again, not too sweet.

I most definitely recommend these - they are much better than those famous doughnuts!  (Secretly, I prefer custard over rhubarb jam.)

Oh and by the way, the chocolate one is chocolate, not Nutella (yes, I asked).

Cute little store.

We sat out in the sun while sipping our green and black teas.

The current exhibition is the "Life On Foot," hence the trainer wall behind me.
(Please excuse my messy hair...I blame the wind.)

The first floor is the "Life On Foot" exhibition, with Camper shoes as the protagonist.

We spent quite a bit of time watching an animation of a "walking city."
(A white figure continuously walked, while its form changed non-stop to reflect different eras of city built - trust me, it's mesmerizing.)

The second floor is more general, displaying product designs over the years such as this iMac from the late 90s.

And this beauuuuutiful i8. 

 I would love a ride and experience how quiet it is at full speed!

Hmmm, these look like Canadian bills.

I used to get people visiting Canada tell me that the Canadian bills look like monopoly money.  Haha!

I bid my friend goodbye and headed to Covent Garden for "Bond In Motion" with another friend.

"Bond In Motion" is basically the largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles.

This white one here converts from a car to a sub.  How cool is that?

This Rolls Royce is huge!

The seats look very comfortable too.  I would be fearless driving this in London.

My final stop of the day: Tate Britian for the Nick Waplington Alexander McQueen Working Process exhibition! 

No photography inside the exhibition.

I am not sure if this is worth going, but I definitely got touched by how this is one of the last extraordinary moments of McQueen.

After the exhibition and other parts of Tate Britain, I couldn't feel my legs anymore.

I have never been to so many museums/exhibitions in one day.

What an educational day right?

Though I am a much more outdoorsy person, I've enjoyed today's museum adventures!

Until next weekend!  (It's long weekend!)

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