Thursday, 13 August 2015

[Greece] Foods of Corfu

Once again, I have skipped my June holiday blog and came straight to writing about Corfu.

First thing's first, I have to write about the food!

When I go on beach holidays, I usually don't gain weight because of all the walking and (some) swimming.

The first morning, we had breakfast in this beautiful hotel restaurant that cannot look any more like a painting!

 But...I was a little grumpy since Wi-Fi wasn't great and I couldn't reach my family or friends.

Shortly after, I finally got connection and became a happy camper again.

Buffet style continental breakfast :)

There were so many bees.

They just flew around all the sweets, especially the honey.

This made me understand, truly, the meaning of "breakfast with a view."

After breakfast, we went out for boating and came back to the hotel for dinner.

My seafood linguine.

Finally, authentic Greek salad.

Tzatziki, a dip made of olives, yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, salt, lemon juice and dill.

You can use it as a bread or meat dip.

I just ate it as is.

If you've ever been to the Greek islands or read about them, you'd know there are many stray cats.

I shared a little bit of my linguine with this little guy.

I also gave him bread but he didn't fancy it.

Lunch view.

The second day after parasailing, we drove around the island and had dinner at this amazing restaurant "Bellos."

Tomato (from Arillas North Corfu) & Feta cheese (from Vonitsa on mainland)

This wasn't just our regular tomatoes.  They were ripe and SO VERY tasty!
It taste THAT good I thought they added MSG, but I didn't feel thirsty at all after...I wonder what the secret ingredient is.

Best tomatoes I've had in my life.

You know it's that good when it can be a standalone dish.

Seasons greens, boiled, with lemon & olive oil

Again, amazing even just boiled.  And it's healthy.

Olive oil and vinegar.

I insisted we have steamed mussels (parsley, olive oil, garlic).

A little bit salty, but the sauce was great with bread after.

Here comes the yummylicious kalamari!

I didn't know kalamari has bone in the middle until this dish. 

This was the QUEEN.
(I actually don't know what on the menu this is at, but I think it is the octopus in tomato sauce or the octopus in the oven with potatoes, garlic, oil?)

We were trying to avoid carbs so we just ordered the octopus without spaghetti.

But, we were still hungry and the octopus by itself was a little too salty.

We asked the friendly waiter (son of the restaurant owners) for some spaghetti :)


En fin, the dessert of the day, made by the mom/co-owner of the restaurant. 

After this meal I felt like the happiest girl ever, carrying my food baby tummy :)

Up next: Corfu fun! 

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