Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hello English Football

1 - 0
My first football game ever!  The game started at 7:45pm in the Stamford Bridge (District Line Fulham Broadway tube station).  I have to say I couldn't help but noticed how "manly" the atmosphere was...

The lights went on and off at the beginning as they welcome in the players.
Here were the two teams, face to face and running across the field.
My newly discovered pano function on my iPhone 6.  Pretty cool huh?  This was at the very beginning of the game.  Half way through the match a couple guys started fighting to my far left side and 3 men were kicked out of the stadium.  Since there weren't too much happening in the field, most people (including me) were trying to see what happened for the fight instead.
This was at the very end.  Everyone was standing up applauding to Chelsea's win!
While we were trying to decend the stairs of the stadium to go out, my friend asked my thoughts on the game.
Me: (saw a curious look on a random older man's face) It was a little boring really...
Random older man: (to my friend while looking incredulous) Never bring her to a game again.
Sorry, but your facial expression made me want to be a little michievious.  I did enjoy the game and would totally come again!
Getting back to the tube station wasn't as bad as imagined.  It only took us about 15-20 minutes from our seats to the station.
It wasn't the most intense game ever, until the last 5-10 minutes when Chelsea finally scored but it was offside (a new term I learned) and didn't count as a goal.  Couple minutes after that, Chelsea scored again and this time, they made the score 1-0 to Chelsea!  Everyone sitting around me was so incredibly happy and so was I (though not a fan).  All in all, it was an amazing experience.  Another thing checked off my list of to-do's in Europe!

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