Saturday, 28 February 2015

As A Proud Hogwarts Alumni...

About two hours away from London, I headed back to the magical school of my dreams: Hogwarts.  I'm most likely a half-blood or pure blood (because of how geekily knowledgeable I am of the magical world) and in Ravenclaw (creativity, individuality).

We walked about 30 minutes from the train station and finally got to an entrance, which turned out to be the incorrect one.  So we had to walk another 3 minutes to reach the right gate...

A very beautiful sunset right behind me!  What a gorgeous day.

This reminded me of the first HP movie, where Professor McGonagall interrupted Quirrel's class asking for Oliver Wood (Gryffindor Quidditch Captain at that time).

Recognize this?

You're right!  This is the bottom of the Christ Church stairway where all the first year students are led up to the Great Hall to be sorted.

On the right side of the staircase, we exit to a huge backyard.

In the Oxford Bookstore, they sell merchandises of Hogwarts.

The sorting hat sold at the Warner Bros. Studio seemed to be a better make than this one here...

Bodleian Library/Radcliffe Camera - no access.  You need a student card (mine was expired when I graduated Hogwarts of course).

The Bridge of Sigh

This pathway led to one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in the UK.

Here it is: the beautiful Oxford sunset.

The most awkward gate.  We had to go one by one or we wouldn't have fit through.

As evening approached, we wandered along the small alley ways of Oxford town looking for a cozy place for dinner.  It was so peaceful, complimented by all these vibrant colours of the sky.  I really thought I could stroll along this town for the rest of my life.

Overall, Oxford is a better university town to live in compared to Cambridge because it is bigger and there're much more going on.  Yet, punting along Cambridge's River Cam was a wonderful experience (not to mention how beautiful the Cambridge uni town is).  Either way, both towns are amazing places to live in and of course, it'd be great to be accepted to either university...unless you got accepted to Hogwarts.

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