Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Wright Brothers in Borough Market

You know the restaurant is THAT good when I'm bothered to blog about it even without my iMacs.  I've been thinking (and drooling) about the seafood in the South of France since my last visit in 2012.  Then a couple days ago, I was brought to The Wright Brothers inside Borough Market after work for "seafood."  At first I thought it was going to be a lot of fish again, but I was in for a surprise!
Sometimes I really feel I fail at blogging food because I don't know what the name of this ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS dish is called.  This stuffed crab was mighty yummy!  It's all crab meat underneath the green oinions and cheese.  Running through the middle part is a thick layer of crab roe.  It's been a couple of days and I can't stop thinking about this...
 On the way to the Borough Market, we walked by The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret and saw this cool skull hanging on the ceiling of the small entrance.

I finally saw, in person, the suspending umbrellas of the Market.  They are right outside an Italian restaurant inside the Market.
We were lucky to find the last two seats immediately available!  Check out the menu of the day:
Super crowded on a weekday.  Apparently, it's much worse on the weekend.  No worries though, because you can easily get a reservation online here.
I've had raw oysters before - no big deal.  I was terribly wrong.  These "Rockefeller" oysters were raw, obviously, with some kind of spinach sauce and cheese on it.  I think they were thrown into the oven for couple seconds to melt the cheese.
Rockefeller Oysters 3 for £9.5
I THINK this is:
Pan-Fried Hake, Rocket, Red Pepper Couris £22.50
Again...I didn't do the ordering so...I'm really sorry for not being able to provide the absolute correct information.  The fish was SO tender with an awesome flavoured skin.  The potatoes complimented it so prefectly too.  I never really have much thoughts on potatoes until this dish.
Zooming in for you the crab.  If you do go, ask for stuffed crab and show the waiter this photo.  The waiters are very friendly and funny people.
Phantom of the Opera-styled candle stand.  I like their style of decor.
By 9:30pm, the restaurant was dying down.
The desserts remained for the night weren't to our liking, so we skipped it.  Now I crave seafood even more!  I was told that there is a train from near where I live that will take me straight to Norther France, where a good seafood restaurant is located.  Perhaps I should aim to do that one day on a weekend.  Normally I don't rate restaurants, because there are so many that are just mediocre.  I would, however, give this one a 8.5/10!

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