Monday, 1 December 2014

No, I Am Not Packed Yet

Instead, I saw the Canyon Lights of the Capilano Suspension Bridge on its opening night!

The entrance fee isn't cheap, $32.95 +tax but they do have some kind of upgrade that puts you to an annual pass for a pretty good deal.  Also, we got a 20% discount because we went two hours before closing time at 9pm.  

It was like a Winter Wonderland (not that I've been, but this is what I've imagined it to be like).  There were these heaters here and there at the Park, so at -6°C, we were quite thankful.  A guy was trying to turn on one heater while his friend told him it was not working.  The guy then said. "That's okay.  I don't need it anyway.  I'm from Ontario and this is like summer tanning temperature for me."

Having lived in Eastern Canada, I always tell people keeping warm is about covering up entirely, then comes the layers you wear.  For example, think about wearing 3 wool sweaters but having your knees and part of your thighs exposed...still cold right?  Or, when you walk so much you start sweating (because of the layers), only to find yourself shivering after taking off your jacket indoor...that's usually how a cold starts :(

After we crossed the bridge, there was an area with quite a large pond.  There were these lit balls hanging up on the trees and hovering almost on the water.  It was mesmerizing.  Do you find the dove?

A little bit of glow-in-the-dark coming form the ground to guide your way.

Another bit of mini suspension bridges that leads to a tree house.

On our way back, the bridge was entirely empty.  We spent too much, but not enough, time snapping away and laughing from the fun.  The snow came just in time.

We managed to find time for a good game of chess.  Who's winning?

Canyon lights outfit: 
My favourite black parka, burgundy rain boots, white and pink infinity scarf, black touch screen phone smart gloves, grey tank top and white cardigan.

We still didn't want to leave yet and went into the gingerman/gingerbread making area.  I walked in, wow-ed and immediately ran onto the sleigh.  I guess my reindeers were having too much fun in the park to care about our toy delivery plans.

The magic shall continue in London.

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