Wednesday, 17 December 2014

If I Were Alice, This Would Be My Wonderland.

Arriving at the Green Park tube station, I headed towards the Winter Wonderland exit and met my friend there.  For many years, I've heard of Winter Wonderland, but never imagined the real thing to be so grand.  It was like Alice in Wonderland, a dream.

We walked for about 10 minutes to get to the entrance of Hyde Park because of how crowded it was.  There, I had the most magical night.

The official Christmas Tree.

We had to get our mulled cider and wine first.  What's strolling the market without a cup of warm drink?

The other Christmas tree right beside a performing band.  I liked the decoration on this one more because it reminded me of "Frozen."

They even have a circus!  I made my friend ask the staff if there were animals, and the staff replied, "No, this is a modern circus."  LOL...made me feel like a savage.

Thought the Buddha and the name of the roller coaster "Thriller" were very

They had the good and bad minions and the unicorn from "Despicable Me."  I really wanted the unicorn.  It's so FLUFFY!

People would lie inside this barrel and it'd then spin super fast.  I get the thrill/fun of it, but I would passed, especially after eating.

Christmas ornaments.  There were so many vendors selling these and other cool stuff like the wooden tie.  They would be awesome Christmas gifts.

Yummy currywurst (German sausages, a tradition of the Christmas Markets.) I've been wanting to try!

So we got some "curry ketchup"...weird eh?  It tasted more curry than ketchup and was so flavourful!

Carvings done live!

We were approaching the giant ferris wheel at the end of the Market.  I didn't go on it this time, but next time I would love to try!  I'm guessing it won't be as amazing as the London Eye, but still pretty scenic.

Is that Queen Elsa (in blue) and Princess Ana (in green)?

2kg Toblerone (and other chocolates), how dreamy.  We didn't win though, even though we were praying really hard to it.

Here comes my new favourite snack!  With milk chocolate dipping, these churros were amazing!  The churros themselves soaked up the chocolate and when I took a bite, the chocolate drip burst out.  (Hard to describe, you've just got to try it!)  My friend told me there are also these that have the chocolate dipping embedded inside the churros.

There were so many rides in the park and they were pretty serious ones (actually scary).  The weather has been quite chilly these couple days, but for a Canadian, I could still survive no problem.  Just remember to wrap up warm!
I've got to thank my ex-boss and ex-colleagues for giving me a pair of touch screen friendly gloves.

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