Sunday, 13 September 2015

100,000 White Balloons

If you live in London or are travelling here, be sure to catch the "Heartbeat" exhibition!

According to the official website, this is the first exhibition outside of France by the French artist Charles P├ętillon.

It's located at the heart of the Covent Garden's Market Building.

Getting around Covent Garden is one of the most difficult task.

Endless tourists, locals and hybrids of the two (like me) always crowd up the area because of the many stores and the beautiful Market Building.
Before I go any further, a selfie.

"Heartbeat" is made up of 100,000 white balloons and the inspiration behind it is definitely worth a read.

A talented band performing.

At this part of the building, there're always music performances.  These performances gather people to surround the upper level railings and bring entertainment to those sipping tea or coffee on the lower ground.

Covent Garden has always been one of my favourite parts of London.

I especially enjoy eating a Shake Shack burger (and maybe those cheesy fries and a milkshake) with a friend or two while sitting down and absorbing in the lively vibe!

I saw the girl next to me holding her sophisticated DSLR and immediately asked her to snap some shots for me.

She did very well!  These are exactly how I've wanted them to be.  Thank you passerby with awesome photography skill!

While it's still technically summer, the weather has been chilly for the past couple of weeks.  Nevertheless, this Magnum pop-up store has stayed since late August.  

The selling point is that you could let your creativity run wild and dress the ice cream bar however you like!
(Did I mention my favourite ice cream bar is Magnum?  The almond chocolate one.)

Such a long line for a Thursday evening.

I think this pop-up is just for two more days!  It's said to run
There's always next summer!
(I remembered it was a pop-up store inside Selfridges last year.)

Can I bring this giant one home?  *Drools*

A day (or evening) at Covent Garden can not go wrong.

Laduree, Chanel, Apple Store, Marks & Spencer, name it, they're all there.

Another point to highlight is that it's super close to Chinatown and the Japanese store (Japan Centre) too!

The next week and weekend are going to rain and there may possibly be thunder (yikes).
For that reason, I hurried to see this exhibition while it was sunny this past Thursday!

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